There are not enough kind words to describe Dr. Sharon Dongarra. She is a kind-hearted, gentle soul who is passionate about Chiropractic Medicine. You will be so grateful you found your way to her. Dr. Dongarra treats my family and makes us feel very comfortable during our session. She is soft spoken and nurturing toward us. She listens to how we are feeling and addresses our issues. Throughout our treatment session, Dr. Dongarra educates us on her findings. She develops an individualized treatment plan, so we can all reach our goals. She is one of the most genuine people I know, and our world is a better place with her in it. ~ E. G.

Dr. D is amazing at what she does! I was suffering with headaches everyday and I had no idea that chiropractic care would help SO much! Dr.D listens to her patients and she responds to their needs! She is awesome and she changed my life!! Everyone should seek out the benefits of chiropractic care and Dr. D is one of the very BEST you will ever find ! She will make your life better, I assure you ! ~ C. D.

When I first started back to seeing a regular chiropractor after 7 years I was a bit skeptical as to the cost and would it actually help me. I think every person thinks this way. I first met Dr D a few months ago and it was very calming to receive such great care from someone who is actually concerned about their client’s well being. My headaches were subsiding as well as my lower back pain, it was amazing! Doing the exercises in conjuction with office visits 3 x a week really helped me regain my old self again and that is all that matters. ~ K. K.

I was drawn to “Dr. D” kind and gentle touch. She has a great skill in identifying what needs to be fixed, and gives realistic advice. ~ J. B.

I’ve been a patient of Dr D, off and on, for about 3 years. When I first started seeing her, I was in a lot of lower back pain. From the first meeting, I could tell she genuinely cared about my health and wanted to help me feel better, naturally. I saw her regularly for a few month and little by little the pain dissipated until it was completely gone! I still make appointments here and there as things creep up; it’s very comforting knowing Dr. D. is around to treat me whenever I need it. C. D.